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iNooro TV
Inooro TV - 07:00 PM
Inooro TV is a Kenyan 24/7 general entertainment channel with programming spanning across all ages. The channel hosts both local and international news, sports, soapies and children's content.

SuperSport Blitz
Sports Bulletin Around The Clock - 07:00 PM
Up-to-the minute news and reviews from around the sporting globe.

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e.TV Africa
The Memory Keeper's Daughter - 08:30 PM
A doctor's wife gives birth to twins, one of whom has Down's syndrome. He then says the other child was stillborn and arranges for the baby to be institutionalised.

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KASS TV - 07:00 PM
KASS TV is a 24-hours Kenyan channel delivering vibrant, youthful, value-oriented entertainment for the entire family.

GBS - 07:00 PM
GBS is a Kenyan 24/7 general entertainment channel with programming spanning across all ages. The channel host both local and international news, sports, soapies and children's content.

Ebru TV
Tonight Live With Dr Ofweneke - 08:00 PM
Dr Ofweneke has guests on his show and gets to asks them questions that no one else dares asks.

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KBC Channel 1 Kenya's Watching - 07:00 PM
The television service of the Kenyan Broadcast Corporation. Available in Kenya only.

NTV - 07:00 PM
The television service of Nation TV. Available in Kenya only.

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Citizen TV
Road To Destiny - 08:05 PM
A strong bond is built between Pedro and Luisa Fernanda as the gardener's tenderness, honesty, and generosity are reflected in the child, who gets the love for flowers from her 'father'. She also stands out due to her extraordinary gift for music which she expresses masterly with her violin.

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KTN News
News Sources - 08:00 PM
Authentic and honest discussions about current affairs.

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K24 - 07:00 PM
K24 is a leading Kenyan entertainment channel that caters for the entire family, airing both local and international content.

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Pwani TV
Pwani TV - 07:00 PM
Pwani TV aims at providing high quality informational, inspirational and educational Programing. The channel highlights socio-economic, health and culture development issues through community generated content.

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YOUniverse - 08:52 PM
'S1/E14 - Goldilocks Zone'. A girl dreams of visiting a new planet full of life. She imagines that she can shrink herself down to observe all that this wonderful Earth-like planet has to offer.

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Ramson Mumba Ministries - 08:00 PM
Dr Mumba is the founder and senior pastor of El-Shaddai Global in Europe, USA and Africa. He is an author, entrepreneur and life coach who specialises in the development of people's God-given potential

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Islam Channel
Islam Channel - 06:00 PM
The Islam Channel provides innovative programming that personalises Islamic themes, as well as entertains Muslim and non-Muslim viewers, aiming to be a premium global channel.

Emmanuel TV
Another Ministry: Borno - 07:00 PM
The Emmanuel TV team travel to the far northern states of Nigeria, hardest hit by Boko Haram, including Borno State. TB Joshua personally leads the team in loading trailers with thousands of bags of rice for the humanitarian mission.

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Al Jazeera
Newshour - 08:00 PM
Live, breaking and in-depth news from Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas.

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Afro Music
Music Box - 08:52 PM
Acompanhe os grandes temas que fazem vibrar as pistas de dança.

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