What is GOtv WOW?

GOtv WOW is our way of thanking you, our GOtv Plus and GOtv Value customers, for showing us so much love by staying connected to all the great entertainment.

So what does this mean? It means that we're giving you something really, really wow: two amazing extra channels plus monthly airtime rewards!

How does it work?

Just stay connected to GOtv for three months or more and remember to pay on time every month. After three months of staying connected non-stop, you'll get two amazing extra channels on your TV without having to do a thing!

And because we think someone as wow as you deserves even more, we're also giving you airtime rewards every month for as long as you stay connected.

So make sure that you pay on time every month, because if you miss even one payment, you'll have to wait three months after you've paid to start enjoying these two extra channels and airtime rewards again. Now wouldn't that be a shame?

So what do I get?

Firstly, we're giving you two truly wow channels just for staying connected! Zee BollyMovies on channel 12 is packed with entertainment and action. And for the best in lifestyle and cooking shows, tune into Viasat Life on channel 57. And to give you a taste of these channels, until 15 March 2017, they'll be open to everyone!

You'll also get a monthly airtime reward sent directly to your mobile phone, just because we love you.

See how to start getting your monthly airtime rewards

How to start getting your monthly airtime rewards

If you've stayed connected non-stop for three months, you'll get an SMS to let you know that you can now start receiving airtime rewards. But first, you have to opt in and tell us your mobile phone number.

To do this, SMS ‘GOtv WOW' and your IUC number to 22688

We'll then send you a confirmation SMS, and you can look forward to getting your monthly airtime reward very soon!

If you want to stop receiving airtime, just SMS ‘NO' to the same number.

Frequently asked questions

What is GOtv Wow?

GOtv Wow is a retention programme aimed at rewarding and giving a “shout-out” subscribers for their continuous loyalty to the brand. The programme aims to add more value for loyal GOtv Plus and GOtv Value customers by creating the very best television entertainment experience which includes access to exciting additional channels featuring the greatest telenovela, action, movies and reality shows for the whole family at no extra cost.

Why is MultiChoice Africa launching GOtv Wow?

MultiChoice is committed to continue looking for ways to improve and to create more value for our customers. The campaign is aimed at rewarding and thanking customers for their continuous loyalty to GOtv. The rewards programme is designed to incentivise and reward active tenure to customers that are continuously active for 3 months and will seek to address customer churn and the behaviour of costumers to disconnect and reconnect constantly

When is GOtv Wow launching?

GOtv Wow is launching on Wednesday, 7 March 2017

What are the rewards being offered to GOtv customers for this programme?

From Wednesday 7 March, All GOtv Plus and GOtv Value customers who are consistently connected for three months, will receive monthly airtime bonuses and will have access to two channels at no extra cost.

The channels offered as rewards to customers are:

  • Zee BollyMovies (GOtv channel 12)
  • Viasat Life (GOtv channel 57)

From 7 March to 22 March, all GOtv customers will have an opportunity to access and enjoy the channels being offered.

From the March 23, all customers will continue to have access to the channels, provided they say continuously connected for three months. In the event a customer disconnects, they will need to reconnect and be continuously connected for three months before they can access the channels again

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